I try to load a Catalyst application using mod_perl, but if I use
PerlSwitches for specifying the lib dir, it gives an error telling that the
perl module can't be found:

PerlSwitches -Ie:/web/Acces/lib
PerlModule Acces

And the error:

[Fri Sep 19 19:44:12 2008] [error] Can't locate Acces.pm in @INC (@INC
contains: E:/perl510/site/lib E:/perl510/lib . E:/apache229) at (eval 3)
line 3.\n

It seems that the path I want is not added in @INC. Am I doing something
I have also tried using:

PerlSwitches -I"e:/web/Acces/lib"

but with no good results.

It works fine if I use:
PerlRequire "e:/web/Acces/script/preload.pl"

and in preload.pl I use

use lib 'e:/web/Acces/lib';
use Acces;

Is there a way of not using an external preload.pl file but load the perl
module directly in httpd.conf (under Windows XP)?

Thank you.