[Sorry for the cross post - AFAIK, this type of posting is acceptable on
each list this is going to - if I' mistaken, please contact me off list]

It looks like I'm leaving the company that I'm currently with (a
combination of salary and the fact that I don't feel I'm able to give
all that I can to this company), and am currently looking for a new

My strong points include:
* problem solving
* the apache webserver (inside and out)
* web application architecture
* cross-platform web (windows/linux hybrid systems)
* complex web applications (cross language)
and more...

I'd prefer something close to Jerusalem Israel, but would be willing to
work farther out if transportation is provided (read, if I can get a
company car + gas + parking). Currently, not looking to relocate (but
you can always try to tempt me )

For a CV and/or cover letter, please email me back privately.



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