I am migrating my application from httpd 1.x and mod_perl 1.x to
mod_perl-2.0.4 and httpd-2.2.9. Some of the forms in my application uses
and standalone script which excutes some external scripts
like os commands or some other perl/shell scripts.

Here is the source code for the script that executes an external program

Here the function do_cmd executes and stores output to self->{DOCMD_OUTPUT}
.. This was working fine when we executing mod_perl 1.x but after we migrated
mod_perl 2.0.4 as we call get_last_do_cmd_output function the output is
empty. Any idea where the output is lost ? . Look at do_cmd and _for_exec
function to see how
we are re-directing the output to a pipe

--Shibi Ns--