On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 11:43 PM, wrote:
> If anyone's got any ideas about why the proxy is having as significant an
> impact as it is, i'd love to tweak it.

There are some proxy settings in recent mod_proxy versions (apache
2.2) which you could experiment with. I haven't tried them yet. I
think you can use persistent connections to the backend with this
setup, since it can pool them with the worker MPM.

You could also experiment with the config on the mod_perl server. For
the most part, if you run with concurrency below MaxClients and you do
a warmup run before each benchmark, it should mitigate common config

> Also worth noting is that the front
> end is running worker, the backend is running prefork.

That's a good setup. Some people use lighttpd, perlbal, nginx, etc.
for proxying. If you feel ambitious you could try one of those.

- Perrin