On Thursday 01 May 2008 7:06 am, Andr=E9 Warnier wrote:
> Mark Stosberg wrote:
> >> + my $dir =3D dirname(__FILE__);
> >> + use lib $dir.'/../config';
> >> + use lib $dir.'/../perllib';

> >
> > Actually, for some reason that syntax didn't work either, but this did
> > work on my modperl-startup.pl:
> >
> > use lib dirname(__FILE__).'/../config';
> > use lib dirname(__FILE__).'/../perllib';
> >
> > Mark

> this is a question to the perl gurus here :
> In the first part above (what does not work), is it not because the "use
> lib" instructions are actually "executed" at the perl *compile* time, at
> which time the $dir variable does not have any value yet ?


Crazier yet, if you do it as:

my $dir;
BEGIN { $dir=3Ddirname(__FILE__) };
use lib $dir.'/../config';
use lib $dir.'/../perllib';

and put the assignment in a BEGIN block, it still doesn't work (at least, I=
haven't been able to get it to work).

I cheated, and when I needed this idiom I created a module that exported th=
value, and which assigned it in its "import()" method. Gave me something=20

use FindMe qw($ME);
use lib $ME.'/../config';
use lib $ME.'/../perllib';

and that worked fine. The "import()" routine gets called and sets the valu=
before its used in the following lines.

Now... why the BEGIN block doesn't do it, I've no idea and didn't poke too=
much farther into it to figure out why.

Graham TerMarsch
Howling Frog Internet Development, Inc.