Hrmm, that doesn't seem to work. In my code, I have:

print $fh $r->body . "\n";

And in my error log, I get:

Can't locate object method "body" via package "Apache2::RequestRec" at
/var/www/lib/ line 31.

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Quoting Tim Gustafson :

> Hello,
> I'm writing a mod_perl logging module, and I can't seem to find anywhere

> the documentation that talks about how I can access the request body
> (basically, the POST data) of a request during the logging phase. Is this
> not possible?

do you want access to the unmodified post data, or do you want access
to the content? Apache2::Request parses the POST data, and makes it
available though $r->body. (and possibly $r->upload) If you want the
unparsed body, i'm not sure what you'd have to do offhand.