On Thursday 17 April 2008, Tracy12 wrote:

> We do run a cron job to clean up the cache, Anyhow even it contains old
> data, they are basically expired, I can't
> understand how that gonna cause this issue, To my understanding we clean up
> the cache primarily because it is just filling up the hard disk,

Is it possible your cleanup script is deleting things too soon?

> Other thing is I did not mention any cache file sie as such pls see the
> following code,

It looks like you're using the one-file-per-session configuration, so there's
no cache file size limit.

> Here the issue is eventhough the session timeout is 30m,
> $session->param($SESSION_USER_PARAM, $user); return empty string before
> the 30m

Are you flushing the session after you've put data in it?


It could be that the data is never on disk.