On Apr 23, 2008, at 11:09, Geoffrey Young wrote:

> cleanup handlers are just callbacks run when a memory pool goes out
> of scope.

Oh. And here I thought that they ran when the request completed.

> your test suggests that the memory pool allocated for the request is
> going out of scope before the response handler runs, which is odd
> indeed

Any idea how that can happen? Or what that weird /101/ "subrequest" is

> I'd try these things:
> o use a PerlLogHandler instead of a PerlCleanupHandler

But that runs before the request is returned to the user, right?

> o push your cleanup from an earlier phase instead of httpd.conf
> o call $r->cleanup_register from an earlier phase instead of
> pushing a handler

Thanks, I'll give those a try, just as soon as I finish building a
debugging perl + mod_perl + Apache system to debug another issue on
the developers list. :-)