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Philippe M. Chiasson [21-04-2008 09:16]:
> Fred Moyer wrote:
>> Geoffrey Young wrote:

>>> so I guess this means a mp2 release should (going forward) include _and=

>>> imply a new release of

>>> o mp2
>>> o Apache-Test
>>> o Apache-Reload

> o Apache-SizeLimit

> And as the latest Release Manager, I must say that having to release 3
> extra CPAN modules along with each mp2 releases is going to be a PITA.

Then why bother with that, and not just keep them separate?

Separate is nice. Smaller packages, smaller repository, possibly
different people commiting, one bug doesn't require release / rebuild
of everything.

> is exactly the same stuff that is _already_ on CPAN, great. Second, mod_p=

> itself is protected from spurious failures caused by changes in any of th=

> modules before they are released.

=2E..just this hypothetical situation?

> The only negative is that if a change is made to say Apache-Test to fix a


BTW, currently the Apache::Test version in 2.0.4 is 1.31, while the
latest one on CPAN is 1.30.

This is a bit of a PITA while packaging. I want to package both mp2
and the latest Apache::Test; preferably separately (vserver users
whine a lot when having to install something they don't need). So,
both apache-mod_perl and perl-Apache-Test packages. Now, I could switch
between the CPAN version and bundled version of Apache::Test (depending
on which one is later at the moment), but it's heavily annoying...

Rados=C5=82aw Zieli=C5=84ski

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