On Wed 23 Apr 2008, John ORourke wrote:
> The underlying reason for this is that I have a reverse proxy in front
> of it, which proxies HTTP and HTTPS requests. =A0The back-end needs to
> create self-referencing URLs but cannot tell if it's HTTP or HTTPS, so I
> decided to direct HTTP to port 81 and HTTPS to port 82. =A0I'd prefer to
> do it by adding a request header so if someone knows a way to do that
> please let me know!

If mod_perl is enabled on the proxy you can simply add something to=20
$r->headers_in prior to the response phase. It will be transmitted to the=20

Otherwise if you have mod_headers you can use the RequestHeader directive. =
SSL enabled vhost sets a custom header to one value the other vhost to=20
another. You must set it in both cases or someone can send that header to t=
proxy and it will be forwarded to the backend.


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