On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 2:27 PM, Mark Stosberg wrote:
> A. If I just set "status => 404" with CGI.pm / Apache::Registry and
> return nothing, it works the first time, and then after that I
> get a lot of these errors:
> "[Tue Apr 22 13:47:07 2008] [error] Can't locate SAP/QuickSearch.pm
> in @INC" And indeed, the path that should be set via PerlSetEnv is
> missing.

Hmm, PerlSetEnv depends on being inside a specific
Location/File/Directory block. Are you sure that apache has resolved
to the block you think it's in when you have this problem?

> B. If I sent "status => 404" *and* send content, the result is that
> two pages are displayed: One is the ErrorDocument for 404, and the
> other is the content I sent.

Yeah, it can't recall content you've already sent. I think mod_cgi
avoids this issue by buffering everything.

- Perrin