On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 2:02 PM, Eli Shemer wrote:
> Well, for now I've diagnosed it to crook due to the cookies/session
> operation.
> Because once I remove the cookie from my browser, everything works
> correctly.

Ok, but you need to find what line in your code is having the problem
if you want help fixing it.

> I really would like to get DBI to scream out when it finds a tainted
> variable,
> not hold the entire operation and withhold any further information.

It would. It's not clear from what you've said so far that your
problem is related to DBI or to tainting.

> Using telnet/netcase is nice but it will be a nightmare to write a debugger
> script that will simulate all of the operations up to that point. (login,
> submission of data to the page)

Then use a logging proxy that will let you see the actual data going
back and forth.

- Perrin