On Fri 18 Apr 2008, Jim Brandt wrote:
> They might start with CGI acceleration and down the road
> realize they can inject something interesting into the Apache request
> cycle to solve a problem.

Not so much for the beginner but to solve problems:

Apache2::Translation provides dynamic request configuration without restarting
apache. Similar to .htaccess but with several backends and a nice admin
frontend. From another point of view it looks like a perlish mod_rewrite.
Works mostly in URI Translation and MapToStorage. If you are interested and
know German I can provide a bit of text I am writing (when I have time) and a
few images.

Apache2::POST200 replaces replies to POST requests with HTTP code 200 with
redirects to the same URL. A keyword passed as parameter then tells the
server to ship the original answer. When a browser gets an HTTP code 200 as
reply to a POST request and the user presses "Reload" the browser asks if it
should repost the data. This is annoying and many people don't know how to
react. Apache2::POST200 solves that. It can even be deployed on a proxy.

Apache2::ModSSL provides access to mod_ssl exported functions like
$c->is_https, $c->ssl_var_lookup and $c->ssl_ext_lookup. (The latter looks
for x509 certificate extensions.)

Don't forget to point out that there is still plenty of work to do to improve
mod_perl and that fresh developers are welcome.


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