On Fri 18 Apr 2008, adam.prime@utoronto.ca wrote:
> This leads me to believe that i could write a filter that sat at the =C2=

> head of the chain, which looked through all the filters in the chain, =C2=

> and if appropriate removed random ones through the chain.
> I have a situation where i have a CGI which sometimes returns =C2=A0
> text/html, and sometimes returns text/csv, but IE chokes if the csv is =

> gzipped by deflate. =C2=A0I've had to disable deflate on ALL cgi's as a =

> result, but this seems like i could just create a filter that runs on =C2=

> CGI's, that looks for a pnote that indicates that deflate should be =C2=A0
> taken out of the chain.
> Is that correct?

Yes, I think that is correct. In fact I believe to remember there is a test=
the modperl test suite that does just that.

Here it is: t/filter/both_str_native_remove.t


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