Quoting Torsten Foertsch :

> On Thu 17 Apr 2008, woinshet abdella wrote:

> Here an output example for text/plain:
> Filter Chain:
> modperl_request_output <-- the first PrintFilterChain
> modperl_request_output <-- RemoveNextFilterIfNotTextHtml
> includes
> modperl_request_output <-- PrintFilterChain again
> byterange
> content_length
> http_header
> http_outerror
> log_input_output
> core
> ...

This leads me to believe that i could write a filter that sat at the
head of the chain, which looked through all the filters in the chain,
and if appropriate removed random ones through the chain.

I have a situation where i have a CGI which sometimes returns
text/html, and sometimes returns text/csv, but IE chokes if the csv is
gzipped by deflate. I've had to disable deflate on ALL cgi's as a
result, but this seems like i could just create a filter that runs on
CGI's, that looks for a pnote that indicates that deflate should be
taken out of the chain.

Is that correct?