On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 2:22 PM, Colin Wetherbee wrote:
> In order to have many handlers in a file, I've put the following lines
> and other, similar lines in my virtual host configuration:
> PerlAccessHandler JetSet::Handler->AccessHandler
> PerlResponseHandler JetSet::Handler->ResponseHandler
> Then, my handlers look like this:
> sub ResponseHandler
> {
> my (undef, $r) = @_;
> # ...
> }
> This seems to work well enough, but just today, I thought there might be
> some reason to not do this.

There's no reason not to do that. It's merely a question of how you
like to organize your code.

> I think the undef $self is bugging me the most, but I don't know why
> this would cause any problems.

The first argument to class method calls in perl (which is what this
is) is the name of the class. It doesn't hurt anything to throw it
away if you won't use it though.

- Perrin