--- Amiri Barksdale wrote:

> Hi folks:
> I am trying to tighten up the code in a web
> application I have made--I
> run HTML::Mason and mod_perl--and I was trying to
> figure out how to
> run Perl::Critic or some other diagnostic tool on
> the whole thing, so
> that it would be active for every request and I
> could see problems
> throughout the whole thing. I tried putting it in my
> main handler, but
> it only works on the handler. I could put a use
> Perl::Critic on every
> Mason component, but that's tedious. Is there a way
> to run a module on
> every request at the mod_perl level?
> Amiri

Amiri -

I'm not sure how far along you are in building your
web application, but take a look at Apache2::ASP.

Apache2::ASP provides a unit-testing environment
compatible with Perl::Critic, Devel::Cover and
Devel::NYTProf so you can properly analyze your entire
web application - not just the underlying class

It *is* a new library but I've used it in production
for several months without any problems.

You can see some more information about it at

Best regards,
John Drago

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