Am Freitag, den 28.03.2008, 12:23 -0500 schrieb
> Hello Folks,
> OpenCA tells me I need IO:Socket::SSL which apparently needs
> Net::SSLeay. Installing Net::SSLeay from the interactive CPAN
> utility fails. So I downloaded Net-SSLeay-1.32. At the top of the
> README for Net-SSLeay-.32 is the following:
> README - Net::SSLeay Perl module for using OpenSSL
> Later the reaadme says:
> Note: SSLeay is no longer supported. If you want to use Net::SSLeay with
> SSLeay or early versions of OpenSSL, use version 1.03. The support
> for SSLeay was dropped due to nobody maintaining it (all active
> work goes on with OpenSSL) and due to incompatible API changes
> in OpenSSL-0.9.2b. OpenSSL-0.9.1c support has also been dropped,
> version 1.03 was the last one to support that.
> Huh? If SSLeay is not supported then what is Net-SSLeay-1.32 for?

Well, the above tells you that Net::SSL no longer works with SSLeay or
with ancient versions of OpenSSL but requires OpenSSL post 0.9.2b to be
present on your system.

> What do I neeed to get IO::Socket:SSL to install?

According to it's POD I'd say you need Net::SSLeay which in turn needs a
more recent version of OpenSSL ;-)

Now the interesting question is why the Net::SSLeay installation did not
work. But we can't answer that without more info - but also this is a
topic beyond the scope of this list...