Hello Folks,

OpenCA tells me I need IO:Socket::SSL which apparently needs Net::SSLeay. Installing Net::SSLeay from the interactive CPAN utility fails. So I downloaded Net-SSLeay-1.32. At the top of the README for Net-SSLeay-.32 is the following:

README - Net::SSLeay Perl module for using OpenSSL

Later the reaadme says:

Note: SSLeay is no longer supported. If you want to use Net::SSLeay with
SSLeay or early versions of OpenSSL, use version 1.03. The support
for SSLeay was dropped due to nobody maintaining it (all active
work goes on with OpenSSL) and due to incompatible API changes
in OpenSSL-0.9.2b. OpenSSL-0.9.1c support has also been dropped,
version 1.03 was the last one to support that.

Huh? If SSLeay is not supported then what is Net-SSLeay-1.32 for? What do I neeed to get IO::Socket:SSL to install?

Robert A. Ober