Jeremy Wall wrote:
> I currently use Apache2::Reload on my development environments. However it's
> usefulness has been spotty particularly on win32 environments. Someone
> recently recommended Module::Refresh to me as an alternative.

FWIW, I have not had much luck with Apache2::Reload in my development
environment (Linux, Apache2 Prefork MPM). Most of the time when I
change something, it produces "Not a CODE reference" type errors.

I have had much better luck with Module::Refresh. I did it this way to
only reload packages starting with MyApp::

in httpd.conf

PerlInitHandler MyApp::Apache2::Reload

the module looks like this:

package MyApp::Apache2::Reload;

use Module::Refresh;

my $cache = Module::Refresh->new;

sub handler : method {
for my $mod (keys %INC) {
next unless $mod =~ /^MyApp/;



This has worked perfectly for me.

Michael Schout