Ironically, I had already started writing my own class called
Apache::Filter (which I had intended to implement within each CGI
script), completely unaware that a class with that name already existed,
and did exactly what I was looking for. This will be much better and
save lots of time.

I've had other experiences where I found a module that already did
something I was trying to do, but this is the first time I've started
writing one with the exact same name. :-)



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> > I'm running Apache 1.3.28 and mod_perl 1.27. I have quite=20

> a few Perl=20
> > CGI scripts that run via Apache::PerlRun and product HTML=20

> output. I'd=20
> > like to be able to modify the HTML output of these scripts=20

> after they=20
> > finish running, so as to insert some HTML code on a=20

> site-wide basis=20
> > without having to modify each individual script.

> I'd suggest you look at Apache::Filter. It should be able to=20
> do this for you.
> - Perrin