Manoj Bist wrote:
> Hi,
> I need help in figuring out why my mod perl registry script fails
> randomly/periodicall on 'https'.
> I am using modperl2 on ubuntu-dapper (libapache2-mod-perl2
> 2.0.2-2.3ubuntu1).
> The registry script is used to login over https. The script
> periodically/randomly gives internal error because in the following code
> snippet $r is coming as undefined. This happens randomly but periodically.
> Any pointers/insights to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated.
> my $r = Apache2::RequestUtil->request;
> my $host = $r->hostname || $r->server->server_hostname;
> *<===========
> This fails randomly because $r is undefined.*

Hi. Don't take this as an expert response, but very superficially, I
can think of one kind of circumstance where "this happens randomly but
periodically" : if it would happen, for instance, at the first execution
of the script by a "new" apache child, freshly started. Then as this
same child re-executes the script multiple times, $r would always be
defined, until that child dies and a new child initialises and executes
the script for the first time, etc..
Of course there must be another underlying reason why $r is undefined,
but maybe the above can help thinking about it.