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On 1/3/08 at 2:37 PM +0900, Raymond Wan=20

>Not a very technical answer, but maybe an easy way of thinking=20
>of things. The second scenario also makes it possible for=20
>Google, etc. to index your web pages since it is a "real" URL. =20
>In the first case, it is possible, but not as straight-forward.

And for proxies/caches to cache the page. I don't know if it=20
still applies, but proxies won't cache a page that has query=20
parameters. But path_info just looks like part of URL and will=20
cache just fine. That's the main reason I choose to use=20
path_info rather than query params.

On the other hand, I sometimes use query params as a poor man's=20
cache-control to prevent caching.


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