Ronald Dai. wrote:
> Actually RTFM would not be a problem for people from academic
> background (meaning MS or PHD educated) at all since they have to do
> it all the time....but for people with more team work background
> these days, it might not be politically very correct...

I disagree. Granted, I have a master's degree.

But, let's say, as very nearly happened on another mailing list
yesterday, someone installs database software and can't figure out how
to create a database. I say go look at the manual and here's the
specific URL that covers creating new databases. Now, that person knows
where to look for information about creating a database, *and* that
person also knows where to look for answers to future simple questions.

If I had only told that person to type "createdb ",
the manual never would have been involved, and that person would have
emailed the list again for the next basic question that could have been
answered by the manual.

I didn't say "RTFM" in so many words (or letters), but the point was to
give the user some reference material. Which, so far, seems to have worked.