Hi Frank,

Frank Maas wrote:
> I am using a mechanism where I use the path_info to carry information
> about the content to be served. However, as far as I know the only way to
> do this is to create a handler that is defined for the correct location.
> In the described situation, something like,

I have to confess that as I learned Mason first, I have problems
separating it from modperl. So, how one would do it the modperl (only)
way is something that I probably can't put into words and if I did, I
probably would get it wrong. So, I'll have to let someone else answer

The Mason way (and "my" news example) was taken from here:


And this is in fact something that I am doing on my site to move up [or
down :-) ] it, but not with news. As Mason is used for templating, the
Mason way could be the same as the modperl way. If you want to know the
details of the Mason way, you can read that chapter, but this book seems
out-dated and relevant to modperl 1.

Sorry I cannot be of more help!