J. Peng wrote:
> Do you mean mod_rewrite for the trick?
> yes with mod_rewrite people can rewrite:
> http://example.com/archive/news/2008/02/29/index.html
> to something like:
> http://example.com/archive/news?obje.../29/index.html
> so here /archive/news is filename and /2008/02/29/index.html is path_info,is it?
> But in this case we don't need to guess the path_info from filename,
> just saying $r->param() can get the arguments,

No, that's not what I meant and I also wasn't aware of mod_rewrite. :-)

Might I make a suggestion? It seems this discussion has moved quite
beyond the original subject. This (in my humble opinion) is not
something you learn in a day. Well, I certainly didn't. I think you'll
pick it up in time and one starting point is to write some sample code
and try things out...