J. Peng wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 8:13 PM, Raymond Wan wrote:
>> Say you have a news site like:
>> http://example.com/archive/news/2008/02/29/index.html
>> A user might request that, but it wouldn't make sense to have 365
>> "index.html"'s every year (ok, 366 this year :-) ). Instead, you could
>> do a trick above and keep going up the hierarchy until you have a
>> filename "/var/www/archive/news/" and a path_info
>> "/2008/02/29/index.html".

> Do you mean mod_rewrite for the trick?

What he's saying is that you don't need mod_rewrite for this kind of thing. It's
pretty standard for REST applications to use the path_info to determine which
resource to return. Or you could do it with mod_rewrite, but using the path_info
can provide for a lot more flexibility.

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP