I use a program called MapServer to generate images. It's a C binary,
and most people seem to run it (essentially) directly as a CGI program.
By essentially, I mean the binary is typically requested by JavaScript
or Flash or other things like that.

I'm doing some dynamic mapping that requires additional CGI variables,
though, and I'd like to process and sanitize those from within an
existing mod_perl application I have.

I wrote a post [0] about this to the MapServer list last night, but
nobody has responded, so I figured I'd try over here to see if any of
you have some insight as to the problem.

Basically, I'd like to run the 'mapserv' binary from within mod_perl,
but it requires a CGI environment to be setup for it. Apparently, my
environment is missing something it requires. The environment from %ENV
is listed in the post to the MapServer list.

I seem to remember something about backticks doing some localized
environment things, but I couldn't really find anything on it in the

Is this something I can do from within mod_perl?