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>De : Randy Kobes [mailto:randy@theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca]=20
>Envoy=E9 : jeudi, 21. f=E9vrier 2008 03:56

>As there's been several requests for this, I've put up an
>ActivePerl 10xx ppm package of mod_perl2, based on the
>current svn sources, at
> http://cpan.uwinnipeg.ca/PPMPackages/10xx/
>which you can install via
> C:\> ppm install
> http://cpan.uwinnipeg.ca/PPMPackages/10xx/mod_perl.ppd
>There's also a ppm package of libapreq2 (which supplies,
>amongst other things, Apache2::Request and Apache2::Cookie)
>in the same repository. Please let me know if you have
>any problems installing these - thanks.
>Both these packages are based on Apache/2.2, and hence=20
>are incompatible with Apache/2.0. If you're using
>Apache/2.0 and would like a ppm package, let me
>know and I'll make one up.
>best regards,
>Randy Kobes

Hi Randy,

Thanks a lot, seems to work fine (but I didn't test very extensively =

Just one small bug in the PPM : the ppd file mentions Apache2::Reload, =
but this is not included in the tar.gz file. So I had to manually =
install it.

best regards, Laurent Dami