On Sat, Feb 23, 2008 at 10:08 AM, Tina M=FCller wrot=
> On Sat, 23 Feb 2008, J. Peng wrote:
> > modperl is fast, but it consumes too much memory.
> > so we choose fastcgi written by C++.

> actually it consumes less memory than FastCGI if you do it right. If you
> load as many modules and data structures as you can at startup time,
> Apache will share the memory between the processes (as long as you don't
> change the data).
> With FastCGI this is not possible (or so I was told), so you usually end
> up with using more memory.

The process model is pretty similar (pre-fork), so it should be about
the same. The important part of that sentence though was "C++", which
would have a smaller footprint than Perl if it was done well. It's a
tradeoff for developer time of course...

- Perrin