John ORourke wrote:
> Might be showing off my lack of unix admin knowledge here but using
> 'top', it's the value of the 'virt' column - ie. the biggest possible
> process size if the whole thing was resident. I've been using it to
> work out how many clients I should limit apache to, but looking at it
> the 'res' figure never seems to get anywhere near the 'virt' figure.
> Time to rewrite my assumptions I think!

I get about 90 MB "virt" (70 MB "res") per process, running some pretty
heavy custom mod_perl templating software with some AJAX stuff that uses
(gasp) Python as a back-end via mod_python, along with DBI (DBD::Pg).

Sometimes, the load average hits 6.0, but everything always seems to
load quickly enough.

Linux, Debian, 2 x Pentium IV 3.0 GHz.