Hi Fred,

On Wed 20 Feb 2008, Fred Moyer wrote:
> Is it possible to dynamically add core output filters such as INCLUDE with
> $r->add_output_filter('INCLUDE')? =A0The docs indicate that
> PerlSetOutputFilter INCLUDE is ok, but it looks like $r->add_output_filter
> is restricted to perl handlers. =A0I tried add_output_filter with INCLUDE,
> but received an error saying no such handler.

Some years ago (~2004) I have digged into that and found it's not possible.=
But you can remove C-level filters (my 1st contribution I think). So you ca=
add them first and then remove them for requests that don't need them. It i=
not complicated to write a filter that removes the next filter in the filte=
chain if some condition is met.