On Feb 20, 2008 12:54 PM, Kirk wrote:
> I'm new to mp2 and have a relatively old application that used the mp1
> implementation of grabbing get/post params from incoming requests

Use Apache2::Request (in the libapreq2 distribution on CPAN) or CGI.pm.

> # assign some value
> $r->param('key' => 'val');

You can't do that anymore. You should never have been able to. The
request params show you what the client sent in. You can't change the

If you need to keep track of internal filtering and changes to params,
just make your own data structure for them and copy in what you want
from the original params.

> And of course, I need to consolidate both request type into one hash or
> string so I can access either, or both, on demand.

Both Apache2::Request and CGI handle this.

- Perrin