I uploaded a .02 release last night which i think will make something
like this even easier to accomplish. This version adds a function
called uri_to_function, which takes a RequestRec (or derived) object,
and an array of uri_bits and returns a function name that should be
used to to handle that request.

I don't really know REST, but from my limited knowledge it seems to me
that it would be good to be able to easily separate code for post,
get, put, and delete to the same URI. So with this new version, if you
subclass uri_to_function to work like this:

return join(qq[_],(lc($r->method),@$uri_bits)) . qq[_page];

then you can very easily achieve that seperation.

I also uploaded Apache2:irBasedHandler::TT, which is a subclass of
DirBasedHandler that will pass a Template object, and a base set of TT
vars into each function call. It's more or less just in illustration
of how i thought one might use the init function in

Feedback welcome


Quoting André Warnier :

> I'm not a guru in the matter either, but it sounds interesting.
> It looks like it could give a way to do things REST-like, but simpler.
> adam.prime@utoronto.ca wrote:
>> The first version of this is now on CPAN, if anyone is interested in it.
>> Adam