Hi guys,
thank you very much for all the interest in the issue, but
could one of you summarise and tell me what I should do ? Should I
- go back to ActivePerl 8.8.820 (instead of 8.8.22 currently) ?
- do something else (like what Jan Dubois said below ? (or is that just
for the people creating the binary mod_perl package ?)
- use another combination altogether ?
(I cannot compile under Windows)

As per below, my immediate problem is solved, but it would be nice to
have the "clean" solution for future reference.


In the meantime, under Windows XP SP 2 German, I did try the de-install
of ActivePerl 8.2.822, re-install of ActivePerl 8.2.820, and re-install
mod_perl using the "mpinstall" script, and everything works fine,
including starting Apache (2.2.8) as a service The error with
msvcrt.dll does not appear anymore. I tried a dozen Apache service
startup cycles and got no error.

The same procedure, same Perl 8.8.820 but with Apache 2.2.6 works fine
too on another Windows XP SP2, Spanish workstation, which also had some
problems with AP 8.8.822.

William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> Jan Dubois wrote:
>> http://downloads.activestate.com/Act...52-symbols.zip
>> The symbols.zip file should be unpacked in the C:\Perl directory, or
>> wherever you installed ActivePerl as it contains .pdb file for both the
>> bin and the lib subtree. All symbols should then automatically fall
>> into the correct places.

> Excellent, thanks Jan!!!