Carl Brewer writes:

> I have a client who wants to send email from a flash script (do you
> call flash stuff scripts?), and he has asked me to install
> sendmail.php for him. I don't want to! Can anyone here recommend a
> modperl (or just plain perl) equivalent that I can lock down so it is
> less likely to be used as a spam delivery agent?

There are lots of Perl modules for sending email. Search CPAN for
"send mail" to see your choices:

As far as locking them down, how to do that will be
application-specific. When I have done this, generally I have
implemented a simple application on top of a mail sending module which
does the appropriate checks before sending the message.

Looking at the last time I implemented this, I simply invoked
sendmail and piped the message to it, which works too.

Hope this helps,