On Jan 6, 2008, at 12:37 PM, Kurt Hansen wrote:

>> I'm using Crypt::RSA module for generating public & private keys.
>> Now the
>> problem is that when I'm storing the keys in the database, and again
>> bringing them to do the signature or verification the Crypt::RSA
>> module is
>> unable to understand the key format. I'm storing the keys in the
>> Varchar
>> field of the MySQL.
>> Could any body tell me when storing the keys in the databases what
>> would be
>> the type of the field or how to work with the keys??

> Try the "blob" type. I think varchar is too short to store the
> private key in a format Crypt:RSA expects. We store the keys in
> files, but store the encrypted data in "blob" records.

i save as TEXT in postgres

you need to make sure that you're reading/writing them correctly.
some modules use base16, base32, base64 ; its a PITA realizing that
your issues are entirely with base representation.