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Dirk van der Zee wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have written a POP3 protocol-handler which uses the=20
> PerlProcessConnectionHandler. The solution worked fine under=20
> Apache 2.0 and ModPerl 2.0, but after an upgrade to=20
> Apache 2.2 and Mod_Perl 2.0.2 it doesn't work correctly.=20
> (We upgraded from Ubuntu-Dapper to Ubuntu-Gutsy).

That's could be because since Apache 2.0.49, you have need to
set the socket to blocking mode explicitely.

From the test suite:

# starting from Apache 2.0.49 several platforms require you to set
# the socket to a blocking IO mode
my $nonblocking =3D $socket->opt_get(APR::Const::SO_NONBLOCK);
if ($nonblocking) {
$socket->opt_set(APR::Const::SO_NONBLOCK, 0);

# test that we really *are* in the blocking mode
or die "failed to set blocking mode";

> Specifically the problem is that the "sub handler" gets called=20
> only after the client sends a linefeed. In the old situation=20
> the handler started directly. The POP3 protocol needs a "+OK" response
> after the connection has been established.

Are you sure of that, I would think your handler gets called, just that
the $sock->send() gets buffered incorrectly, and not sent to the client

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