Am Montag, den 21.01.2008, 06:19 -0800 schrieb Alx G:

> No worries. For the record, I just tried putting the DB->init before
> everything else (after loading mod_perl obviously) in the conf - no joy
> though.

The Apache:B POD mentions using "use APR::Pool ();" right before "use
Apache:B ();"

But I don't think that's the point, since there is at least some output
in the files.

> The code I'm running is just a collection of cgi scripts that hook
> into the back-end libraries of the system, so the code is definitely loaded
> and run after the the DB->init and Dprof module.

But surely they're not run as plain old cgi?
Sorry, just had to ask - sometimes I found out that it was the most
obvious thing that I somehow forgot about...