I know the modperl mailing list has been used from time to time for job off=
or applications. I'd like to do the latter.

I am a freelance programmer living in Germany near Heidelberg. My native=20
language is German. I also possess English and Russian.

My knowledge of Apache, mod_perl and related matters is very strong. My fir=
combination of Apache/modperl was set up in 1998. Ever since I have worked=
with both. Lately I have digged deeper into apache & modperl source code an=
uncovered and fixed a few bugs. Maybe some of you even know my name from th=

I like to work with Linux but other Unices are also welcome. Windows is not=
world. I have strong knowledge of PostgreSQL and lately BerkeleyDB. I know=
how to deal with MySQL and have worked a bit with older Oracles (8.x, 9.x).

Of the programming languages I know Perl and C very well, Javascript+CSS+HT=
of course, a bit of Lisp (Emacs Lisp). I think that's enough to deal with=20
almost all kind of problems. But I am always willing to learn more. I am ab=
to understand existing code and to debug it.

=46rom a networking point of view I know how to program TCP/IP at a lower l=
(using UDP, multicast, socket options etc.) and at a higher level (e.g.=20
IO::Socket). Being the man behind the technical architecture of one of the=
biggest German WEB sites (>20e6 visits/month, >250e6 page impressions/month=
I know the problems to face on the Internet.

So, what kind of job/project am I looking for?

I'd like to get paid for further development of mod_perl. Especially I'd li=
to make it really usable with the worker-MPM and maybe with the event-MPM. =
have already thrown a considerable amount of work into the topic in my spar=
time. That said, I don't really hope that anybody would pay just for that.

I'd like to work with Perl and mod_perl for bigger Internet or Intranet sit=
where I can apply my knowledge best. Further, I'd like to learn something=20
new. I am not necessarily seeking a project that is starting from scratch. =
can as well review, extend or debug an existing code base.

I want to work as a freelancer mostly from my home office. Of course there =
meetings to attend and sometimes it is necessary to spend even a few weeks=
on-site. But mostly I want to work over the Internet. Under these condition=
the project can be located nearly anywhere in the world. I have done this=20
style of work for several years now and it works. Under otherwise equal=20
conditions I'd prefer projects from south of Germany + Switzerland and mayb=
New Zealand.

I am rather seeking a long term relationship with chunks of work time and=20
again. Something like: "I know that guy. He can help with this. I'll ask hi=
if he has time to do it now".

A bit about myself. I am 41 years old, was born in East Germany, have studi=
computer science in Novosibirsk/Russia. I have been working as a freelance=
programmer for the last 10 years. For more about me see http://foertsch.nam=
(in German).