Alx G wrote:
> I'm running Apache 2.2.3, the conf has the following in it:
> --
> ...
> LoadModule perl_module modules/
> # Perl profiler
> #
> #
> # require Apache:B;
> # Apache:B->init;
> #

> PerlModule Apache:Prof
> ...
> --
> I tried with and without the commented stuff - as was suggested in this
> thread.

I'm running prefork and have used DProf many times. I even wrote a
script to merge multiple tmon.out files, so you can see how your app is
doing in its normal environment.

The lack of recording happens when you don't do Apache:B->init, and
you also need to explicitly create the 'dprof' directory in your apache
log directory, and make the apache user own it.

----------------------- perl config include:

require Apache:B;
Apache:B->init; # required otherwise very few subroutine calls get

PerlModule Apache:Prof

----------------------- files:
(replace /var/log/httpd with your main log file path)

/var/log/httpd/dprof/ ********** you have to explicitly create this,
and make it owned by the apache user

/var/log/httpd/dprof/PID/tmon.out <----- output from a particular
process (where PID is the pid)

Once you've let it run and made a few requests (make lots of requests so
any heavy startup code doesn't overshadow the real results, and so each
process gets a go), merge the tmon.out files using this script:

(see top of file for usage)

hope that helps,