I'm trying to use Apache:Prof with my Perl web app. I can't work out what
I'm doing wrong - it should be working but it isn't (how many times have we
all said that to ourselves eh?).

I've run out of options to try now, I hope someone can help me please.

I'm running Apache 2.2.3, the conf has the following in it:

LoadModule perl_module modules/mod_perl.so

# Perl profiler
# require Apache:B;
# Apache:B->init;

PerlModule Apache:Prof

I tried with and without the commented stuff - as was suggested in this

Apache is running in prefork, *not* worker mode (which was also pointed to
as a possible culprit)

/usr/sbin/httpd -V :
Server MPM: Prefork
threaded: no
forked: yes (variable process count)

The tmon.out files *are*being created, by the apache user, but they don't
contain any useful info. I've also tried running apache using the -X command
to spawn no child processes.

I then hit a few different scripts in the browser and the most I ever see in
those files, when shutting down apache is a reference to APR::Pool DESTROY
and the usual stuff at the top, *but no other subroutine calls at all*.

What now?

Many thanks!
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