Clinton Gormley wrote:
>> I'm not sure what you're suggesting. The first few pages of "cache" on
>> CPAN have some modules for caching data in memory and on disk and so
>> forth, but I don't see how they relate to my problem.
>> Which is that of notifying all of my application's perl processes when
>> an update has been performed on a table in a database, without having
>> them access the database to determine this on their own.

> My personal favourite is Cache::Memcached, but that's only relevant if
> you have more than one web server. If not, the file based caches are
> the fastest (or you could try looking at SQLite or Cache::BerkleyDB or
> even a memory table in MySQL, but on a different DB server)

Memcached sounds like a good idea. I could cache the update timestamps
and compare them on each run.

I guess I wasn't thinking about "cache" the right way around.