Scott Gifford wrote:
> Colin Wetherbee writes:
> [...]
>> At the moment (and not in a production environment), every time the
>> drop-down list is generated for a web page, the script queries the
>> database to retrieve the entire list of aircraft. I would prefer to
>> retrieve the list of aircraft when each Perl interpreter starts and
>> then not retrieve it again until the administrator sends a signal.
>> For this particular table, the signal would only occur when new
>> aircraft hit the market, like the Boeing 787 will (hopefully) in
>> December of this year.

> Essentially what you want is an in-memory cache of a possibly slow
> database query. There are several modules on CPAN that do this;
> search for "cache".

I'm not sure what you're suggesting. The first few pages of "cache" on
CPAN have some modules for caching data in memory and on disk and so
forth, but I don't see how they relate to my problem.

Which is that of notifying all of my application's perl processes when
an update has been performed on a table in a database, without having
them access the database to determine this on their own.