Raful Mr Mitchell H wrote:
> I have my code pasted below. My module, loaded with
> directive in Apache2, works well. However, sometimes switches don't
> respond correctly to bulk queries of fdbPorts object. What I want to do
> is to be able print the value of my variables either to the browser or a
> log file. A regular print statement does not work for this. The
> relevant variables are in a subroutine called from my sub handler.

I'm not entirely sure where, in those lines of unindented HTML, you're
trying to perform your logging. The only thing I could find quickly was
the following code, but I can't be certain that's the subject of your

if( $arp_session->{ErrorNum} ){ print "Got $arp_session->{ErrorStr} for
$router\n"; }

In order to print log messages to Apache's (or your virtual host's)
error log, you can use the following.

use Apache2::RequestUtil;
use Apache2::Log;


Substituting other log levels (debug, info, warn, etc.) works, as well.
See the following URL for more information.


If this isn't what you're seeking, perhaps you could include a more
concise test case and a more elaborate explanation in your next post?