Colin Wetherbee wrote:
> John ORourke wrote:
>> Colin Wetherbee wrote:
>> Wouldn't a simpler approach be to just restart Apache when you want
>> to update the lists? You could even have the 'add to list' function
>> send SIGUSR1 to the parent Apache, causing a graceful restart.

> I'm trying to avoid restarting Apache altogether, although I admit it
> would be a pretty simple solution.

I'd seriously consider it - it's simple and clean and only takes a few
seconds, and it happens every night when you rotate your logs anyway.
If you really really don't want to restart Apache, you could get your
'add data' function to create a file called 'need_restart' somewhere on
the disk, and after processing each request your mod_perl handler could
check for the file and call $r->child_terminate if it finds it. You'd
have to have some method of stopping it from constantly restarting....
could get complicated.

The cynic in me suspects you'll spend too many hours on this
not-really-a-problem, when there may be other parts of the system that
would benefit from more attention!