Jeff Pang wrote:
> I met a strange requirement that, given Apache has two virtual hosts,
> vhA and vhB, vhA's document root is: /path/a/; vhB's document root
> is: /path/b/.
> vhA's programs are running under /path/a/cgi-bin, but actually, the
> programs of vhA can access vhB's directory (ie,they can open and
> write some files in /path/b/). vice versa, the programs of vhB can
> access vhA's directory.
> This is because all virtual hosts are owned by Apache,if apache is
> run with nobody user and apache needs to write to some dirs,those
> dirs must be writable to nobody. That's to say, vhA can write to
> vhB's dirs,since they are all run with nobody user.
> How to resolve it with modperl? is it possible? thanks!

How about suexec? I used it quite some time ago, and it was awful to
use, but it got the job done.