On 12 Jan 2008, at 01:32, Bryan Cantrill wrote:
> So, Perl folks: if you can do it, a ustack helper is the way to
> go. It's
> brutal, but the payoff is substantial, as it will be much easier to
> connect
> misbehaving Perl to the symptoms of that misbehavior elsewhere in the
> system. If you're interested in seeing a demo of this, check out John
> Levon's blog on the Python ustack helper that he implemented:
> http://blogs.sun.com/levon/entry/pyt...trace_in_build

I read that Bryan. I got the impression - maybe incorrectly - that it
relies on the Python interpreter recursing when it enters a Python
function - so that a walk up the C stack visits all entries in the
Python stack. Did I get that wrong?

Perl doesn't recurse in C when it calls a Perl subroutine so walking
up the stack won't yield a Perl call chain.

Andy Armstrong, Hexten