Is there any way to get some of the pieces of an incomplete multi-part post?

The situation I have is a client uploading multiple files as pieces of a POST,
but then timing out in some manner whilst doing so. I know I'm getting some
of the files (I have an upload_hook in place that dumps the file names as
they come in), but if I do

my $req = Apache2::Request->new($r);
$upload = $req->upload($upload_filename);

all I get is an "End of file found" error (APR::Request::Error with a rc of
70014), even on files that have uploaded completely by that point.

Apache2::Request::upload calls $req->body (which is incomplete, and presumably
part of the problem).


It looks like libapreq 2.08 might give me a little better error reporting
(that's next on my list to see if I can work out what's happening with the
connection) but doesn't solve the partial upload problem.

Anyone have any ideas?