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Am executing several CGI scripts under mod_perl using Apache::Registry (I hope that terminology is correct). As I understand it, the scripts get cached in each httpd thread the first time that thread executes them. Is this correct?

So when I change a script, do I need to restart Apache, flush the cache somehow, or does each thread automagically replace the cached copy with the updated one from disk?

Basic stuff, but I'm curious...

The main focus of my writing today is to get some guidance on the proper direction to take for this project. Currently, each of the CGI scripts I have "sources" the same set of files (one for the header, another for the footer, etc). Per the above questions, I don't how the mod_perl processes work to keep everything in sync but I can only imagine that having each of my CGI scripts source the same files from disk has to be grossly inefficient.

Am thinking that all these external scripts should be packaged up together into mod_perl somehow, but I don't know where I should be looking. Can someone shed some light? In doing so, one possible constraint is that I'm also executing the same external scripts from several SHTML files. The CGI scripts call the filesystem based subroutines after initially sourcing them with 'do ./header.pl' whereas the SHTML files pass in a "go" argument to 'header.pl' to actually fire up the subroutine. This allows me to execute them immediately using SHTML 'exec' calls and 'on demand' from the CGI scripts.

Thanks in advance for your guidance / direction.

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